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Discover the home inhabit

A buyer will need the best pictures of a home and locale, prior to agreeing to view.

Browse Homes

Do it the Vyomm way and choose to search through any well designed listings, with information, stunning visuals and any personal touches from the owner.

Homes for sale or rent

Houses to apartments, from sales to lets. Whether you are looking to upscale, downscale or even re locate we have made it easy for you to find the new, fitting property.

Automated vendor process

A potential buyer or tenant can view the home, bid for the home and make the payment online, all using Vyomm.


Browsing through the hundreds of listings can be tiresome. Utilise the ‘Shouts’ feature to match your needs immediately with the available agents and listings.

Browse more results

Cannot find a matching home? We will offer you the results and listings from secondary sources and portals.

Tell us your priorities and get a call back, we’ll guide you

An innovative tool to help people with their search for a new home.

Searching and Filtering

Search current homes by name listed on Vyomm, this will bring you to the listing where you can explore the entire home, along with Stories and Neighbourhood Guides linked.

You can also search for homes with your own criteria in mind, use the filters on ‘Homes’ to shortlist your search.

3D Tour

The 360 tour of properties allow you to have a full walk-through of the homes listed on Vyomm, from your device.

The state of the art technology acts as a virtual reality for a property viewing with navigation tools to explore the home.

Explore beyond a Listing

To invest in a property is a big decision. We are keen to ensure that the home in which you choose is the right fit for you. Browse our ‘Showcases’ feature, to allow you to experience the home and neighbourhoods true character.

Neighbourhood Guide

Search up to 60 neighbourhoods of London to view the guides that will provide you with an essence of the area.

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