5 Things You Should Do to Sell Your Property Today

Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

Prime and Super Prime Property Selling Platform in London

Times are tough for those looking to sell their property in London. The market is slow, but thankfully with signs of recovery albeit that there are many examples of Prime and Super Prime homes languishing on the market.


With property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla, buyers can easily see how long a property has been on the market, and the perception is that any listing over a few months old is probably overpriced or has issues with it!


With this in mind, it simply isn't enough to hire an estate agent and to just wait for a sale to happen.  


But there are ways that you can make achieve a sale at the best possible market price. This is London, after all, the world’s premium property marketplace. There are several potential buyers for every property, and you can make a sale happen quickly, provided the right, motivated buyers are seeing it.


Start by asking a few key questions:


  • Does your property really stand out?
  • Are you reaching the right buyers?
  • Are viewings being maximized?
  • Are you able to track progress towards a sale?


Your local agent will no doubt put their best effort in, but there is now a platform that can assist, enhance and better promote your listing.




Vyomm empower Agents to do all of the above for you, but more importantly, we put you in control of how your property is showcased to ensure it is being marketed to its best ability and to the right buyer.

Here are 5 things that Vyomm can do to help sell your property faster.



1. Showcase your home beautifully, digitally


Bring out the best in your home by highlighting what makes it so special and unique. Vyomm makes this easy, allowing you or your agent to create an outstanding showcase display. Or we’ll do it for you, free of charge.


2. Sell your property Off Market through our extensive Prime and Super Prime estate agency network.


Many premium property owners prefer to sell their property ‘Off-Market’. While privacy is important to some, there are several other advantages to doing so. Around 50% of London’s super prime properties sell off market.


Vyomm allows you to access a powerful Agent Network, which may very well have a ready Buyer looking for a property just like yours. What’s more, your property details and showcase can be password protected, so that only a qualified audience gets to see it.


3. Appoint the right Agent


We match your property to the agent with the highest performance track record for your kind of property. Once you choose the agent, you can negotiate terms of business with them directly on usual market terms for the services you engage. The best-in-class Independent agents are represented on Vyomm and, once hired, you can track all their activities and engagements directly on Vyomm.


4. Boost market


Go beyond the property portals and reach out to the right audience locally and globally through search engines and social media. This will ensure maximum visibility for your property so that your listing gains traction and closes faster, at a better price.


5. Control the outcome


You, the Property Owner, have the biggest stake in achieving a successful transaction within a defined timeline. It is therefore your prerogative to instruct how comprehensively and attractively your property is showcased, or how aggressively and effectively it is marketed. On Vyomm, You are in charge, participating as little or as much as you want, throughout the entire process.


If you wish to sell or let your property faster and at the best price…


It’s time to Vyomm your home.


About Vyomm


Vyomm is a modern digital platform that enables sellers, landlords and estate agents to collaborate. Vyomm’s cutting-edge Inspirations and technology allows each home to be showcased authentically and beautifully so that buyers can easily find the home that is right for them.


Vyomm aims to transform how properties are brought to market by providing innovative tools for frictionless collaboration.

written by Utsav Goenka, on 1/30/2019.

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