A 2020 Vision For Ultra Prime Real Estate

An Interview with Fred Scarlett, Marketing Director of Clivedale

Thursday, November 26th, 2020

Vyomm correspondent met up with Fred Scarlett, Marketing Director of Clivedale, for his views on the future of marketing of ultra prime properties in London.

What projects has Clivedale completed and where did it all begin?

Clivedale is an independent, boutique developer of residential real estate in London. Formed in 2012, we have arguably grown to cement our position as the leading super-prime residential developer in the capital. Looking forward, we will be expanding into the commercial market as well as seeking to take on the international market. Our most prestigious residential projects include The Mansion in Marylebone, the Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge, and the impressive Mayfair Park Residences.

All of these properties are newly built, are best in class, and are unique in their architectural design and character.

Would you say the real estate sector functions differently now than it did say a decade ago?

The real estate sector as a whole is fundamentally conventional. It’s a very old school industry and the means of distribution and sharing information hasn’t changed in decades. It hasn’t recognized the demand of people today, our buyers and realtors want information in a very concise and clear-cut presentation, available to them 24x7.

What about Clivedale? What would you say are the main restrictions you face?

We focus and specialize in the super prime segment, catering to a sophisticated and discerning global clientele. Distribution through digital media is the key, but we are restricted by our capacity to share information in real time and to create content that is relevant, interesting and attractive to buyers. It takes weeks to churn around, it takes months to produce and sometimes in the end it doesn’t always get through to the person looking at it.

What do you think about being visible on digital media?

It’s very important to have a passive presence in the digital space nowadays. Like a digital hoarding. Some of our interest comes from people who walk past one of our signs. But we need to be able to create that online as well because a lot of people are looking for properties there too.

So why did you choose Vyomm for that visibility?

A Clivedale only digital platform is not viable. We don’t have the time-space or resources to start putting together the level of content that the Vyomm office does from day 1 for us. With Vyomm we know that we are putting our product into an already fully functional and highly intelligent platform. We do not have to drive it ourselves. That frees up a lot of our time, releases us of so much tension and gives us a great opportunity to seize the market! So why not?

Would you say Vyomm is helping the London real estate sector as a whole? Would you recommend it to other developers?

London today through Vyomm can present itself in a way that no other global capital city can. In that respect we are winning against Moscow, New York or Paris. And as Vyomm expands, and it undoubtedly will, then you will be able to replicate that in other cities. But we want people to transact and to purchase beautiful apartments in one of the greatest capitals of the world.

One of the best ways of presenting ourselves is through Vyomm, in a way that people can come and pick the information they need, not only that, fundamentally it is also being presented it in a way whereby people can use the platform, and with the help of the content, they can see themselves in that space.

Purchasing property in the market is an inherently emotional experience, and as is human nature, you have to see yourself in that space in order to go through the process in terms of the acquisition side and Vyomm allows that. You have these immersive media showcases and you have the high quality photography. Vyomm is producing better content than has been historically done apart from very very few high budget presentations of properties. And all of this is available online, anywhere in the world, 24x7.

It’s very easy to start looking at businesses, particularly in real estate, and thinking about how you can grow your share of the pie. But in reality, if someone is buying in London, we’re effectively all one. So yes, I would highly recommend it to the other developers in the market.

What are the key benefits to Clivedale from using Vyomm?

Vyomm is the kind of platform that allows us to distribute to anyone, anywhere in the world, in a single territory or in multiple territories. And as we expand offices, we can have our teams, our marketers, and our sales people communicate in a single language, in one single turn of voice, in real time, 24x7.

I feel with Vyomm it has gone to another different level of intelligence whereby you can fully integrate all traditional printed media like our adverts in the paper, a printed brochure, a floor plan… all of it can go onto the platform through a QR Code and links and things like that.

One of the things that Vyomm has embraced and harnessed is actually the ability to bring all your marketing medians back to one point so that we as a business can be entered from any different angle or any other way, whether it be traditional digital or traditional print. And yet through one single platform we can market and present them in different ways, with different nuances. We can manage those campaigns on a daily, on an hourly basis, exactly how we want, where we want and we can respond to specific enquiries.

We can also allow the content to be shared through Vyomm, to be distributed. One of the greatest opportunities we have is the peer to peer sharing of information. It is far better than ‘we sell’ or ‘Vyomm sells’, it’s the fact that someone has pre-vetted an opportunity, a listing, an apartment, whatever you want to call it and has sent it to their friends. Now this opens up an entire network of ambassadors and a whole new distribution channel to a small business like us, with three, very pretty properties in Central London.

All this information could be distributed to anyone, anywhere in the world, between two known friends or two peers or whoever else. That, according to me, is a phenomenal achievement

written by Ishani Goenka, on 11/26/2020.

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