How to get higher returns on your lettings property

Friday, March 1st, 2019

Luxury Apartment for Rent in London

At a time when property sales have been in decline, rentals continue to remain the sweet spot of the prime residential London market. No wonder, so many property owners have switched to letting their property and earning from them instead of waiting for sale to happen or cutting the price to uncomfortable levels.


The number of homes coming into the lettings market has grown considerably, across all types, from chic bachelorettes for Generation Y, to uber luxury penthouses and townhouses renting at tens of thousands of pounds per week. This growth in rentals feeds the appetite of the increasingly asset-light, internationally mobile lifestyle of millennials.


Whether you are a single property landlord, or a lettings agent with a portfolio of properties, how can you achieve better returns on your property in a highly competitive market, where rental rates have been squeezed in the last few years? Not to mention the issue of void periods.


Showcase on Vyomm


Vyomm’ s beautiful Showcase concept allows you to present the finer aspects of your home and its surrounds, so that prospects from anywhere in the world can see the all-round living experience and feel the entirety of its ambience and character.



This really works, particularly with international renters, who need to choose the place that’s perfect for them within limited time, often while they are overseas.


Capture what’s special, most lovable, what defines the unique feel of the home - How sunlight envelopes the home in the afternoons; the coziness of the fireplace on a winter evening; the lovely gardens, or local leisure amenities; the high street lifestyle with shops, cafés and pubs…


Vyomm lets you create a story around the experiences of living in a property and its surrounds. We showcase the home, not just the house. Utilise photos and videos straight from your phone and add your narrative, to create your own Showcase that is just as unique and extra ordinary as your property is.


Showcase is free to sellers and buyers


Vyomm is absolutely free for the consumer, and you can make your showcase easily yourself, or ask us to do it for you. Agents can sign up with Vyomm and use it as a significant differentiator.


Want to give it a try? Create a profile or sign in now and get started.

written by Utsav Goenka, on 3/1/2019.

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