Vyomm Agent Platform and Mobile App

Monday, March 25th, 2019

So much has changed in the way we do things in the modern world. Whether its app based banking, online shopping, booking a restaurant table or grabbing a cab - they’re all done now with a few taps on a phone. Each one of us, age notwithstanding, has become a part of the new generation of tech-enabled consumers.


The property industry has not, however, kept pace with this change. Estate agents still do most of their work manually or on desktop, using clunky software which is not only costly and time consuming, but also falls woefully short of modern customer expectations.


The way that homes are better displayed, how each listing is shared digitally, the importance of off-market discretion, promoting estate agents extensively and introducing them to new clients… These are all important considerations now in a demanding consumer environment. Home buyers and sellers insist on higher quality delivered instantly.


We’ve built the Vyomm Agent Platform and Mobile App to bridge this gap and help Agents take their business to the next level .Vyomm’s platform is built on consumer app principles – it’s on desktop and mobile, it’s easy and intuitive, with instantaneous response and frictionless performance.


 The diagram below helps visualize the Vyomm platform:

Vyomm Estate Agent Platform and App


The platform is simple and easy to use, yet provides a host of innovative, new generation tools that estate agency teams can use to win new business and enhance and engage their customers. It’s truly transformative!



Capture instructions and close deals in new ways that have been hitherto impossible. Take a look at some of our ground-breaking features:


  • Showcase  Vyomm showcases are the new generation property brochures; they are beautiful, elegant and dynamic enabling each property to stand out. Created, published and shared straight from and to mobile. 


  • Off Market Portal  Agents can create secure, password protected property listings and showcases and share them with instant ‘Magic Links’ on email, Whatsapp etc. that can be opened by the recipient only and tracked.


  • Mobile Enabled Team  Your entire agency team on desktop and mobile app with the ability to do everything, anytime, from the office or on the go. Messaging, lead management, amendments etc. 


  • Lead Capture  Vyomm uniquely allows you to capture Seller leads and connects to other portals like Rightmove, to bring all your leads from all sources to one place. 


  • Communication  Email, SMS and Whatsapp from Vyomm dashboard and manage all communication from a single conversation panel. Use Vyomm’s own secure chat to create groups, share listings and showcases, or manage teams and clients, seamlessly. 


  • Digital Marketing – Move beyond portals and boost market on Google and Social Media across the Web. Appoint on-platform digital marketers to run your branding and customer outreach initiatives, directly from your listings and showcases. It’s a game changer.  


Prime and Super Prime estate agency has taken a leap. Find out more here.

written by Utsav Goenka, on 3/25/2019.

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