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Welcome to Wimbledon

It’s impossible to write a guide to Wimbledon without mentioning the ‘T’ word, thanks to this little sport involving two racquets, a green ball and some fancy white uniforms, Wimbledon is one of the most well known areas in the city. However, tennis isn’t the only thing this neighbourhood has to offer. Its inheritance dates all the way back to the Iron Age, and there are remains of a preserved village on Wimbledon Common to prove it. There is also a handful of houses from all the way back to the 16th century, when Wimbledon was a royal residence. Moreover, a 19th century windmill remaining from the town's industrial era, lends a genuine sense of history to it. With the wild landscape of the Common, plus the leafy Richmond and Wimbledon Parks close by, and not to mention the village at the top of the hill, visitors easily forget that they are still in London. The neighbourhood divides roughly by the buzzing town, where the station and village is located.

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